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Privacy Terms
1. Non-personal Information

In order to perform the service, and provide you with ISP's domain name and other services, we will collect non-personal information through IP addresses to better serve you.

2.Personal Information

Without your consent, your personal information of registration on this site or other information used to login this website would not divulge in any way to other people.

3.Information Security

Information you provide us will be in strict management and protection. We deploy appropriated technology to prevent your data from lost, stolen or tampered. As we will inform you matters that we deal with problems to you, and you do not take the initiative to express opposition to the notice within the stipulated time, we will assume that you have agreed.

4.Your Rights
  1. inquiries and requests for access at any time;
  2. request at any time to add or correct;
  3. request at any time to remove;
  4. request to stop computer processing and use;
  5. complaint rights. If you any doubt about our protection on your privacy, please contact us.
5.Exception: We will take advantage of your personal information in the following circumstances:
  1. has obtained your consent;
  2. to relieve you of the imminent danger to life, health or property;
  3. in order to prevent significant hazards from happening to others;
  4. to promote the public interest without any harm to your vital interests;
  5. provide personal information to the relevant units in accordance with the requirements of law enforcement agencies for the purpose of public safety.
6.Minors Privacy Protection

We will establish and maintain a reasonable procedures to protect the confidentiality and security of personal information of minors. We recommend: Any minors under 18 years of age to participate in online activities should obtain prior parental or legal guardian's (hereinafter collectively referred to as the" "guardian") verifiable consent.

  1. guardians should take the primary responsibility for protection of minors' privacy in the network environment;
  2. This site collects personal information of minors, not adults, only reply to the specific requirements. Once recovery is complete, information is deleted from the record. We do not retain this information for further use;
  3. without the consent of the guardian, the site will not use the personal information of minors, or reveal, transfer personal identify information to any third party. If we collect the names or other network communications information of minors or adult guardian with purposes to obtain guardian consent only. After a reasonable time, if we has not yet obtained the consent, we will delete such information from our records;
  4. With the guardian's consent, this website may collect minors' personal information, and we will provide the guardian:

We guarantee that minors are not required to provide additional personal information to allow their participation in online activities as a condition.

7. Disclaimer
  1. We provide personal information to the relevant units in accordance with the requirements of law enforcement agencies for the purpose of public safety; any personal data;
  2. Since your user password to others or share registered account with others, resulting information disclosure;
  3. Any situation like temporary closure affected the normal operation of the network , resulting in information disclosure, lost, stolen, or tampered occurred due to hacker attack, computer viruses, government regulation the caused by the leak, lost, stolen or tampered with and so on.
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