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Advantages analysis

Due to the current international situation, some Hong Kong companies have begun to transfer customers data and sensitive business data stored on Hong Kong servers to other places for information security.
South Korean technology company Naver, the parent company of communication software Line, is also moving its data storage center from Hong Kong to other places.
In recent years, the international submarine cable connection with the continuous growth of cloud service business. Google took the lead in investing in Taiwan's data center years ago, and Microsoft also announced that Azure has established a global cloud computer room in Taiwan.
To IDC Industry, located in the center of East Asia, Taiwan is the best place to set up and transfer servers.
A more secure, more private, and more than 20% discount solution.
Why choose Letswin server?
Price advantage
20%~30% discount prices compared to Hong Kong server.
Server performance
The processor adopts E3, E5, I7 series, SSD enterprise-level high-speed hard disk; to ensure that the server has excellent performance and low failure rate
Self-built data center and maintenance management
Automated operation and maintenance management, with own server room and professional after-sales service team
Technical Support
Data center operation and maintenance for 12 years experience, more than 40 technical engineers team, 7*24 hours technical support and services
Monitoring and warning system
Resource usage, machine operation status, network security automatically warn, etc.
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