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What is Web Hosting?

The website hosting (AKA: Virtual Host) is used to store all the web pages of the website. It provides you with a certain amount of disk space that stores your web pages and helps you direct independent URLs to your webspace.

V&Web also provides easy-setup functions to help you building web pages. CDN technology helps you speed up browsing web pages. VSights monitor traffic and free DDOS protection.
With these free value-added services, you can easily set up and use the site at no extra cost to you.
More details please refer to: https://www.vandweb.com/cloud_hosting/global

What is VPS?    

VPS (Virtual Private Server ) technology, a server will be split into multiple virtual dedicated server to enjoy quality service.

The operation and management of each VPS is exactly the same as an independent host, and independent resources such as IP addresses and CPU resources can be allocated.
All in all, the VPS provided by V&WEB is a highly flexible, high-quality, and cost-effective server solution, and is the best choice for high-end virtual hosting users.

What VPS can do?

Virtual Host Space

VPS hosting is very suitable for providing website space for small and medium-sized enterprises, small portal websites, personal studios.

With large and exclusive resources, safe and reliable isolation ensure the user's data security.

E-Commerce Platform

The operation of the VPS host is similar as the dedicated server.

Small and medium-sized service providers can establish their own e-commerce and online trading platforms through the server with a lower cost.

Data Sharing Platform

Complete isolation and unparalleled security enable small and medium-sized enterprises and professional portals to use VPS hosting to provide data sharing and data download services.

For large enterprises, it can be used for difference department application platform.

VPN Connection

Virtual private network, when you connect to the Internet, your IP will show your current country, using VPN allows you to connect to a remote server, so that your address looks like you actually exist somewhere.

This IP switch can help you access restricted websites and protecting the security of your private information.

Come to here to see more details:  https://www.vandweb.com/vps

If you want 100% based in Taiwan:  https://www.vandweb.com/vps/taiwan

What is Dedicated Server?

Dedicated server allows the owner to have exclusive access to the server and its resources, allowing your application to enjoy the most excellent and optimized performance.

You can fully control it, allowing you to set up, change server settings, add software and other functions according to the needs of your business, and strengthen security protection if necessary.

If you have customized needs for websites, databases, emails, games, Facebook video streaming, etc., you want to have a private and secure operating environment. You can also have more than one to provide better performance.

If you are a medium-sized (or fast-growing) enterprise, we recommend you to use a dedicated server.

Advantages of dedicated server

Cheap and Convenient

Compared with buying a dedicated server, the cost of website construction is greatly reduced, which provides a high convenience for the popularization of small and medium-sized websites.

High Efficiency

The operating system, software installation configuration, firewall, etc. have been handled by us, no need to worry about the server configuration.

High Security

We have data centers in both Taiwan and the United States, allowing you to communicate with colleagues around the world at any time and place.

After you make the payment and specify the operating system, we will deliver the machine information to you within 48 hours (different regions may vary), and you can start using it.

V&WEB team can solve problems quickly with 365/24/7 non-stop service.

More details please come to: https://www.vandweb.com/dedicated

If you have any questions regarding the server, kindly contact our customer service for further description.
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