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Host Your Site With Best Asian Web Hosting Server.

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Our web hosting has more and more

Web Hosting - G Basic
BEGINNER Now:3.12/Month
  • Disk SpaceSSD 10 GB
  • Traffic200 GB
  • DatabaseMySQL
  • ManagementcPanel
Web Hosting - G Plus
HOT SALE Now:9.66/Month
  • Disk SpaceSSD 20 GB
  • Traffic1 TB
  • DatabaseMySQL
  • ManagementcPanel
Web Hosting - G PRO
BEST VALUE Now:28.37/Month
  • Disk SpaceSSD 40 GB
  • Traffic2 TB
  • DatabaseMySQL
  • ManagementcPanel


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The use of all servers in this site are prohibited from spamming (SPAM) and having pornographic, fraud, and gambling content of any type. If found, service will be suspended immediately.

V&WEB Hosting Advantages

Frequently asked questions

How does V&WEB hosting work?

Once you purchase a V&WEB hosting plan, we store your site on one of our cloud servers, which allows you to access your website’s files from anywhere.

What Operating System should I install on my server?

Depending on your requirements, you can use Linux if you are using PHP, Perl or mySQL with your website. If you are using ASP or MS SQL, then Windows would be the most suitable.

Please note that Linux is FREE, whereas Windows is NOT. You will have to pay an extra $10-$40 (depending on location) for Windows monthly license fee.

If I already have a website, can I transfer it to your web hosting?

Moving your website to V&WEB is quite easy. If you have access to your existing website files, you can upload them through our hosting control panel.

How do I transfer my web pages to your server?

If you’ve already built your website, upload your website files via FTP to allow our built-in FTP File Manager help you access in our hosting control panel.

How to create a new website with WordPress using V&WEB Hosting?

You can first download VSights App tool on either Google Play or AppStore. From the app’s home page please click “Learn web visit details”, scroll down and select “Using vandweb server in far distance” to get started.

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