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  1. A server group consisting of five high standard hosts with 24 cores for the distribution of safety, entrance and database.
  2. With years of IDC experience, using the highest level of line, optical fiber directly connected to the backbone network, to ensure line speed, quality and stability, to achieve the service of high security, high efficiency and high stability.
  3. Enhanced defense against ddos attacks and domain hijacking.
  4. Provide web vulnerability patching and quick replacement of standby servers.
  5. Professional after-sales team to provide 7 days*24 hours service and to ensure the website operation and sustained online.
1. Hardware firewall
2. Load balancing
3. CDN flow cleaning
4. Distributed cluster defense
Defense website kidnapping
Use https、Verified by SSL certificate、Enable DNSSEC, DNS Security Extensions protocol
You can also purchase forwarding servers from around the world for your customers’ sources.
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