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Our Global Services

We are highly trusted worldwide and we are working in close cooperation with 193 global countries, 31 regions, and more than 700 data centers.


Increased Power & Flexibility

Prices From
$ 10 / Month

Dedicated Servers

High Speed & Ultimate Performance

Prices From
$ 54 / Month

Web Hosting

Shared Hosting Solutions for Websites in Asia

Prices From
$ 3.12 / Month

We also provide colocation services in Taiwan.

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Our 12 years of operating experience enables us to provide you with professional & worry-free hosting. We are dedicated to being the best global hosting provider with our fast, secure, and reliable servers.

  1. Global High Speed Access
  2. Website Monitoring & SEO Data Analysis with V&WEB APP
  3. Top 10 Dedicated VIP Cabinets from Global IDC
  4. Fast, Secure and Reliable with 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  5. 12 years IDC Operating Experience - We are Trusted in the Industry
  6. 7 days a week
    24 hours a day
    365 days a year
    At Your Service
  7. 7 Days Money Back Guarantee
  8. Professional & Focused Experts are Always Ready to Help
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