Why pay for a dedicated host?

Dedicated ServerIf your Internet service or application to rent a dedicated server from one virtual host can save in the long run, as well as the risk of reducing your time and money involved in owning and maintaining their own hardware. You do not have to bear the upfront costs to buy their own hardware, plus the cost of installation and Internet connection, as well as continuous monitoring and hardware maintenance costs.

Distributors and developers can benefit from a special solution, because the price dropped to the dealer for each account added new customers.

Select a dedicated hosting solution is another important reason requires a lot of bandwidth and data transfer capability. If you have a busy site, you will definitely need a lot of bandwidth per month.

And dedicated server solutions, of course you should accept more than you do when your website is hosted in a shared environment for higher bandwidth allowance.

The most important point: the data on the server, you do not share memory, processor, or bandwidth with anyone. Your server has it`s own port to connect to the Internet. It exists to serve you.

System: Your first question should be related to the software, you prefer to type and their masters to offer. OK, here`s what is in there:


I can get what kind of equipment? Your choice here relate to machines, single or multiple CPU, the speed of how much RAM, hard drives have much hard drive, and whether SCSI, IDE or. In addition, it is important that who pays hardware maintenance?

And don`t forget the all important issue of data backup and redundancy. Ask them whether RAID- not wrong (though that`s always a good idea), but for other types of protection. If you really want to know, RAID, Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks short, is a method in which information is distributed across multiple disks, using as disk striping (RAID 0 level) and disk mirroring (RAID 1) to achieve redundancy, lower latency and / or for reading and / or writing, and recoverability from hard drive crashes higher bandwidth. These figures are not hierarchical, it is said, RAID5 not necessarily better than RAID0, just different and better.

Backup options:

Always ask their fallback options! The importance of this can not be overstated, because those of us who have lost all of the data or other may testify at the same time! You do not know what you got until it `gone.


How much bandwidth each month what I get? Can I pay more?


More technical problems, but it is also very important that your server is a dedicated port, or on a shared port. A related problem is that you are connected to a network, whether it is based on a switch or hub. Switched network is higher performance, and provide more security.


Q. What kind of connection (S) of the hosting company has. Make sure you ask if these figures relate it to get the network, or their supplier network.


Be sure to ask how much is being used in the network. Hosting company may have a couple of months DS3 (45 Mb connection), but if it is 95 percent of use, there isn`t much room for growth in these lines. Speed ??network will be affected because of congestion.

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