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There are so many American servers available on the market right now, a variety of models and prices to be chosen, and now the market price is 130~968 USD/ month. Price is not the only criterion for selection of US server, but how many people have chosen this to find a better US server? V&Web teaches you how to select a good American server. When you select the US server, the price is secondary, we must first focus on its restricted content, quality, acess speed, IP quantity etc.

V&Web US Server provides high-capacity, high-profile, adapt to the rapid development of the site, so both sites VPS and space resist pressure to keep pace with the development of the site. Developed to a stage, a site that requires a strong US server as a backup. V&Web US server provides a good hardware and software equipment, comprehensive bandwidth, quality and speed, and safe IP, we provide all the server solutions. Our quality, worthy of your trust.

Why choose V&Web

1.Faster: the traditional machines generally 2-3 hours, usually within 24 hours;
2.V&Web supports the monthly payment, no deposit required, do not charge set-up fees, no hidden fees, charges very transparent;
3.Provide OS free: Centos, Debian, FreeBSD (32-Bit / 64-Bit), windows2003 the 32/64-bit operating system
4.All-day surveillance, 5 minutes response, 15 minutes to restart, 7 * 24 hours to improve service, provide free 24 hours after-sale service to install the database environment;

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Rachel Chen

I’m Rachel Chen from Letswin Technology Co., Ltd. My major is English and now I work as Sales Assistant. Our Major Products are Taiwan dedicated server, Hong Kong dedicated server and USA dedicated server.

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