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Would you want to have the best combination of top technology and the lowest prices in Taiwan server? V&Web is a famous brand of Letswin.Lower prices and plenty of bandwidth and traffic, that is definitely the best choice for European foreign trader and gaming operators, you deserve to have V&Web dedicated server rental provide by LETSWIN TECHNOLOGY. Top 10 Internet Most Satisfactory Brands In China;Top 10 Dedicated VIP Cabinets from Global IDC; 10-year IDC Operating Experience, Professional and More focused;

LETSWIN TECHNOLOGY is Professional Global Server Provider, Professional Technical Personnel, One-stop Standardized Service; Taiwan Letswin access to global network without any restrictions; Global Servers Hosting and Collocation, Standard, Qualitative and High-speed, Fast deployment.

LETSWIN TECHNOLOGY is the gold medal proxy in that lots of high-quality server room rental, we are an excellent global IDC service provider in Great China Region, offering global dedicated server hosting, Web hosting, VPS, domain name registration and various solutions for you.

V&Web server(Letswin DC)

The first type:
CPU: E5200
Memory: 2G
HDD: 160G
IP: 1
Bandwidth: 3Mbps
Monthly payment: US$189(3Mbps) US$496(10Mbps)

The second type:
CPU: Q8400
Memory: 4G
HDD: 320G
IP: 1
Bandwidth: 10Mbps
Monthly payment: US$263(3Mbps) US$546(10Mbps)

The third type:
CPU: i7
Memory: 8G
HDD: 500G
IP: 1
Bandwidth: 3Mbps
Monthly payment: US$361

Bandwidth Upgrade | <10Mbps US$86 | >=10Mbps US$78 | >=20Mbps US$68

Your satisfaction means a lot to us. If you have any questions, please contact our online customer service commissioner, we guarantee you professional answers. Please feel free to contact us, we are honour to provide you with comprehensive services, we are looking forward to your inquiry.

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