Netherlands Dedicated Servers

Netherlands servers are located at EvoSwitch which is a carrier and a climate-neutral data center in the Amsterdam region. The data center provides space for organization that are looking for a professional, reliable and safe environment for outsourcing IT infrastructure.
* Direct and global servers operators, with a convenient and trusted communication and collaboration basis;
* No hidden spending, reinstall the system free, crack the code free, all technical services are free of charge;
* Imitation brand preferred, the best anti-abuse global servers. Testing IP is available on request.


 CPU RAM HDD Bandwidth IP Monthly


Intel Pentium G850 2.90 GHz 4GB 2x500GB 100Mbps unlimited traffic 2 US $750


Intel Xeon E3-1230 3.30 GHz 8GB 2x1TB 100Mbps unlimited traffic 2 US $1050


Intel Xeon E3-1230 3.30 GHz 16GB 2x1TB 5TB 2

US $1300

Netherlands-4 Dual Intel, Xeon E5620 2.40 GHz 8GB 4x1TB 100Mbps unlimited traffic 2

US $1700

Netherlands-5 Intel Pentium E5-2420 1.90 GHz 16GB 4x1TB 5TB 2

US $2100

Netherlands-6 Dual Intel, Xeon E5620  2.40 GHz 8GB 4x1TB 100 TB on 1Gbit/s 2

US $2300


Netherlands Server Hosting Notice
*This offer has covered Linux/Windows2008;;
*Add traffic: 1000GB, monthly: $100. 10M bandwidth, monthly: $ 169;
*Add 2GB of RAM: $ 40, add 500G HDD: $ 65;
*Add a ip, $ 6 / month, you can choose to increase 8 ip, or 16 IP;
*The price excluded for optional SSD,;
*Real-time restart. regularly, we’ll setup your server within 24 hours;
*24 hour sale free of installing the database environment.

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