India Dedicated Server

India Ctrl S data center bandwidth is sufficient, more than 80 Gbit bandwidth access, connection speed is excellent, good stability. India Ctrl S data center is world’s top data center, security and stability both; network connectivity rate is up to 99.5%.
* Brand server, high speed, large bandwidth, suitable for any foreign site, download stations, music stations, chat station;
* independent operators, service assurance, 7 × 24 hours end-to-end provides technical support; * free server security configuration , virus killing and other value-added services;
Testing IP is available on request.

Product Type

CPU Memory HDD Traffic IP Monthly


Atom D525 2GB 1TB 1000GB 1 US $ 227 


i3-3220 4GB 1TB 1000GB 1 US $ 276


Xeon E3-1230 8GB 1TB 2000GB 1

US $ 374

India-4 Xeon E3-1270 12GB 1TB 2000GB 1

US $ 541

India-5 Xeon E5-2620 12GB 1TB 2000GB 1

US $ 623

India-6 Xeon E5-2640 12GB 1TB 2000GB 1

US $ 919


India Server | India hosting Notice:
1. India hosting, add memory US $ 35 / 4GB / month, HDD US $ 35 / 500G / month. Ip US $ 8 / month /;
2. Letswin Technology provides India servers for hosting, formal data center lines, global access without any restrictions;
3.The Indian data center offers free hardware problem detection, software problems charges US $ 68 / times;
4. Manual restart time within 15 minutes, reinstall the system to complete the day.

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