Hong Kong Server Colocation

Hong Kong DYX data center focuses on the reliability of the network environment, security of business data transmission and storage, and performance of network bandwidth and overall effectiveness. Continuous introduction of new technology enhances its service quality. 12 IDC service locations in Hong Kong and other districts in China offer fast businesses enterprise-level bandwidth services and added value management services. As the backbone and engine data center around the front line in a separate operation, does not need to rely entirely on partners, can be launched in mainland China, a quick synchronization technology, maintaining a high quality of service. Frontline DYX safe data center amenities data centers available as well as high quality.

Advantages of Hong Kong Server Colocation
* No record
* No domestic mutual nowhere interconnected issues
* International bandwidth is sufficient
* Excellent stability
* Unlimited access

Hong Kong Server Colocation Rental

Colocation DC

BW 1U 2U 1/4Cab 1/2Cab 1Cab


US $132 US $82 US $148 US $328 US $623 US $1230


US $132 US $591 US $984 US $3541 US $6296 US $11804

US $18/Month

Over 10 IP: US $14/Month

Colocation fee

Cabinet fee + bandwidth costs + setup fee: US $50/server,

Colocation bandwidth 2M:US $132 2M-9M:US $132 10M-19M:US $123

Over 20M:US $115

Hong Kong DYX Server Hosting and Server Notice
* Three parts of colocation fees:cabinet occupied fee + bandwidth costs + setup fee(one-time payment)
* Payment: Annually pay for cabinet(monthly payment and sign an annually contract),the bandwidth costs can be monthly payment,Surrender cabinet with non-refundable fee(Delivered one month cabinets colocation fee when sign a contract), dissatisfied whole entire month by monthly payment.
* We provide Hong Kong server rental’s customer with unlimited Restart service support ;
* We provide 7 × 24-hour telephone, QQ, MSN, SKYPE technology services;
* Hong Kong DYX provides co-location services. Please contact online customer service for price details;
*We can provide customized DIY; For HP, DELL, IBM and other brand server rental and reasonable purchase according to customers’ demand;
* We provide the web basic users with SQL\MYSQL\FTP\IIS\NET\PHP\ASP environment;
* We provide users with free basic software installed such as 360 security guards, GHOST, ice shield firewall;
* Hong Kong servers renter who requires special operating system, pls provide the installation image file, we will give you free installation, a genuine system with system cost.

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