High Performance Romania Dedicated Server

Romania Dedicated Server – a type of hosting where the client is provided with entirely separate physical machine (as opposed to shared hosting). Typically used to run applications that can not coexist on the same server with other projects or have high resource requirements. The data centers are located in Bucharest, all servers are connected to 1 Gbit port and have a fully unlimited traffic.
*Monthly paid,NO setup fee,NO hidden spending, Stable Ping Result.
*365 days, 7×24 hour technical support. Testing IP is available on request.


 CPU RAM HDD Bandwidth IP Monthly


Intel I7 2600 8 x 3.4 Ghz 8GB 1TB 1Gbps 1 US $230
Romania-2 Intel E3-1240 8 x 3.3 Ghz 8GB 1TB 1Gbps 1

US $260

Romania-3 Intel E5 2640 24 x 2.5 Ghz 32GB 1TB 10Gbps 1

US $900


Romania dedicated server (Romania host) Notice
*Delivery: Usually within 72 hours,the regular machines generally 24hours.
*Free installation of database environment 24h after sale.
*System:include Linux free system,and win server system charge extra fee .

Skype: sales2@letsidc.com Twitter: Rachel Chen

Email: sales2@letsidc.com support@letsidc.com

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