French Dedicated Server with high performance and cheap cost.

Letswin Technology provide server rental of French, French host is regular data center , which has the world’s first connection quality, good giant data center environment, advanced equipment.
1.Monthly paid,NO setup fee,NO hidden spending.
2.365 days, 7×24 hour technical support.  Testing IP is available on request.


CPU RAM HDD Bandwidth:150Mbps IP Quarterly


Nano U2250 2GB 500GB unlimited traffic 1 US $ 145 


Intel C2750 8GB 1TB unlimited traffic 1 US $ 163
French-3 Intel Xeon E3 1220 v2 16GB 2x1TB unlimited traffic 1

US $ 178

French-4 Intel Xeon E3 1220 v3 32GB 2x1TB unlimited traffic 1

US $ 210

French-5 Intel Xeon E3 1220 v3 32GB 2x2TB unlimited traffic 1

US $ 210 

French dedicated server (French host) Notice:
1.Delivery: Usually within 48 hours,the regular machines generally 24hours.
2.Free installation of database environment 24h after sale.
3.system Linux and windows: CentOS,F reeBSD,OpenSolaris,Virtualisatie,windows2003\2008 r2.
4.Add ips,US$8/month for one.

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I’m Rachel Chen from Letswin Technology Co., Ltd. My major is English and now I work as Sales Assistant. Our Major Products are Taiwan dedicated server, Hong Kong dedicated server and USA dedicated server.

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