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2001 and beforeIn the early period, our major business engaged developing software applications. We developed those customized applications for each unique case, and we successfully developed video-audio system, online shopping system, video play platform, card games etc with the asp and php computing language.
2002We brought in the Far Ees Tone data center and became its key partner. So far, the Sparq Data center is the most cost-effective in terms of service, quality, and price. Our major customers gathered here. In the same year, our company entered Liansheng data center, i.e. the triple data center. Liansheng was a data center with mixed lines, and the main part was consisted of game servers. We reached a friendly and cooperative relation with the Liansheng data center and used it as a spare data center when Sparq was in emergency. We are the first distributor of Taiwan data center sources in mainland.
2003We brought in the Chief Telecom data center. Due to its great popularity in Chinese mainland, the Chief Telecom data center offered a lower price than that of Hinet. It was another data center in which our clients gathered. Also in this year, our company established partnership with Taiwan Fixed Network and put it as a same-level spare datacenter to Chief Telecom. Later in 2003, we set up the sales department of IDC service.
2005We reached an amicable and cooperative relationship with Hinet. It became our A-class service and infrastructure provider in Taiwan.
2006With the brand-new asp computing language, we successfully developed platforms for multi-language ordering and online shopping.
2007With the brand-new FLASH computing language, we successfully developed the online video-audio platform. And then we independently and successfully developed the online teaching platform.
2009As our long-term cooperation with the top 4 data centers in Taiwan reached the maturity, our humane management earned highly appreciation in the industry.2012LETSWIN became an ICP value-added telecom services provider certified by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China State Council.2013We reached an amicable agreement with Taiwan Letswin data center with a long-term presence.

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