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Cloud Hosting

V&WEB's affordable cloud hosting is a great choice when your website doesn't demand that much resource. We currently offer global cloud hosting and China cloud hosting of which both equipped with CDN. The speed and stability are both guaranteed!

Cloud Hosting - C Basic
$19 / Month
  • StorageSSD 20GB
  • DatabaseMySQL
  • Emailunlimited
  • Bandwidth1 Mbps
  • Management
Cloud Hosting - C Pro
$31 / Month
  • Storage50GB
  • DatabaseMySQL
  • Emailunlimited
  • Bandwidth2 Mbps
  • Management
  • Cloud Hosting - C Basic
  • SSD 20GB
  • 1GB
  • unlimited
  • 1 Mbps
  • unlimited
  • 19/USD
  • Cloud Hosting - C Pro
  • 50GB
  • 1GB
  • unlimited
  • 2 Mbps
  • unlimited
  • 31/USD
Product Type Storage Database Email Bandwidth Management Price/Month Order
Cloud Hosting - C Basic SSD 20GB 1GB unlimited 1 Mbps 19 USD
Cloud Hosting - C Pro 50GB 1GB unlimited 2 Mbps 31 USD

ReminderFor other system version requirements, increase bandwidth, IP or other configuration requirements, please contact our customer service.
Delivery timeDelivery within 48 hours after payment (some may need more time depending on circumstances). 
ProhibitionThe use of all servers in this site are prohibited from spamming (SPAM) and having pornographic, fraud, and gambling content of any type. If found, service will be suspended immediately.

China Cloud Hosting

  1. Exclusively, we offer you FREE APP developed by our team – UpSights to provide your websites’ visitor information! 

  2. Global and China Cloud Hosting are particularly suitable for foreign trading company and those customers who are eager to use their sites. Connectivity to the Mainland, Japan, Europe and America is very fast. 

  3. More secure and stable for Data.

  4. Support multiple subsites, multiple binding domain, powerful control background, statistical reports for visit record, and supports WAP protocols.

  5. 7*24 hours after-sale service support.

  6. Reduce costs and achieve best cost-performance ratio.

  7. Employ from AWS, line speed, quality and stability are guaranteed. Connectivity to Mainland China is great with Ping value of almost 30. 

V&Web provides professional support, which can effectively help you improve your website efficiency.

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