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Professional offshore server provider, we professionally and quickly offer information for foreign trading company, e-commerce and individual.

Global Server

HK, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, the Netherlands, Iceland, Germany, Indonesia, India, etc.

TW server

Top 5 data centers in Taiwan, fast, stable, diverse usage, monthly, annually pay available, change data center as requested.

HK server

Owed ICP license issued by MIIT, we cooperate with DYnet, New World Telecom, CPC, three main operators in Hong Kong.

Singapore Server

Softlayer data center connected to south-east Asia and Chinese Mainland with a fasTest network uptime, best quality, relatively freedom of speech. A OS in Chinese version would ensure you a easy management.

Indonesia Server

With a redundant network, our data center in Indonesia provides you a fast connectivity and stability. Independent operation ensures you a best after-sale service in 7x24 hours with an end to end technical support.

India server

Ctrl S data center in India is one of the top global data centers with its security and stability. It can provide you a over 99.5% connectivity. We offer you our India server with 24 hours after-sale and prompt reboot.

Canada Server

Rogers data center adheres to the five-star standard to establish a security system and UPS. The professional hotline support is right there to give you a 24 hours after-sale.

Netherlands Server

Softlayer data center, the biggest data center in U.S., directly cooperates with the data center operators, which is a basis of its trusted and convenient communication and cooperation.

Iceland server

Verne Datacenter is one of the professional data centers in Iceland with a redundant network that is suitable for foreign trading website, big amount of traffic, download station, music station, e-mail hosting, web hosting, Internet game agent etc.

Germany server

Interxion data center is located in Frankfurt, Germany and is a top class data center in Europe with a deployment in just 10 hours. Added value servicers like security configuration, virus killing are totally free for the customers.

Australia server

Fast connect to Asia with a ping value low to 130ms. Australia data center is the priority for enterprise client for its high-speed and stability.

U.S. Server

KT data center in United States provides a bandwidth of 40G connected to China Telecom with a stable PING value.

Russia Server

Our Russia data center is the best of the year. It cross both Europe and Asia and is the priority of foreign trading company. It also provides the best quality and the fasTest after-sale.

VPS Hosting


no record for a site, unmetered traffic, unrestricted usage, free testing, no worry on IP being disabled, payment always follows satisfaction.


the best choice for business websites, network owners, forum, blog, and small game web, WEB site with small and medium traffic.


USA standard DC, exclusive bandwidth, separate IP, unmetered traffic, real-time delivery.


better configuration with lower price, free setup, lower monthly payment, best choice for small enterprise websites.

US Cloud

Santa Ana KT data center, fast access, high stability, separate IP, genuine system, real-time delivery, fully support Windows Simplified/Traditional Chinese Edition.

VPS Hosting Advantages

2003/Linux virtual operating system technology; support Windows virtualized operating system technology that can securely fulfill the migration

Web Hosting


We deploy Chief Telecom data center in Taiwan which guarantee our customer a fast, high-quality, stable line. It offers the best connectivity to Chinese mainland with Ping value lower to 30.

Hong Kong

HK Web hosting is a proper choice for foreign trading company and those who are on a hurry to have a website.

U.S. Web Hosting

We deploy anti-attack line in KT data center. It can guarantee our customers a fast, quality, stable, anti-attack line.

Enterprise Service

Internet Security Services

We comprehensively fight against different security threats to guarantee your Internet information a confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Software Development Services

We owe a powerful ability of system planning and interactive design. Our customers can customize services for their need.

Our data backup services

Our data backup services make it possible for you to backup your data in 24 hours according to a given time, term and amount.


Video Website

We provide professional line from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China Telecom and China Network Communication, pretty suitable for those domestic and international websites. Moreover, there is no need to put on a record. Directly binding you Domain is available.

Game Website

We provide professional line from multiple data centers in Taiwan, Hong Kong based on targeted feature. There is no need to put on a record. It is easy and convenient to register.

Targeted Website

We provide the solutions to solve the problems of visit speed for targeted website such as portal websites, governmental websites, distant education websites, enterprise websites, software services websites, e-commerce websites.

Service Center

24hr after-sale hotline: 020-28037711

About Us

Company Profile

V&Web was established in 2005, which is a global IDC service provider, an excellent global IDC services provider in Great China Region, offering global dedicated server hosting, Web Hosting, VPS, domain name registration and various solutions for our clients. V&Web is the best partner for the enterprise users from all over the world.


In the early period, our major business engaged developing software applications. In the interim, we established cooperation with the top five data centers in Taiwan and achieved approval by ICP. We remain a long-term present in Taiwai Letswin data center base on an amicable agreement.


The "Best Asia-Pacific Service Center" provides 7x24 hours a day support, over ten years of professional IDC history guarantee our customers a high quality.

Contact Us

Tel: 020-87557272 

Fax: 020-87720329 

Technical Support: QQ2355725062 QQ2355725063 

Address: Room 1901, North Tower , New World Times Center, No.2191.Guangyuandong Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

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