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Xiamen Data Center

Product Type Processor RAM Storage Bandwidth IP OS Price/Month Order

ReminderFor other system version requirements, increase bandwidth, IP or other configuration requirements, please contact our customer service.
Delivery timeDelivery within 48 hours after payment (some may need more time depending on circumstances). 
IPIf you need to test ip, please contact our customer service.
ProhibitionThe use of all servers in this site are prohibited from spamming (SPAM) and having political, pornographic, fraud, and gambling content of any type. If found, service will be suspended immediately.

Xiamen Servers

VandWeb provide Xiamen proxy servers with five-star double-lined DC, which strictly follows China telecom five-star IDC standard. The DCs are equipped with high-efficient UPS spare battery, employed by environmental construction, which are safe, stable and high-efficient! We send servers within 12 hours, for the sake of large shipment, please contact the online customer service for detailed shipment condition of configuration.

Xiamen servers rental notice:

1. We offer Xiamen proxy servers free reinstallation infinitely, support all the system such as linux, Debian, FreeBSD, windows2003/2008;

2. Xiamen proxy servers are provided with upgrade of bandwidth package, 5M/$32, 10M/$64, 100M/$480;

3. Independent DC ip, monthly $16 per one, ip quantity according to the amount of bandwidth, finite;

4. Xiamen global server provides servers colocation, please contact online customer services for offer;

5. In case of troubles, 24 hours intruding solutions are provided;

6. Free installation of database environment 24 hours after sale;

7. Take the records before open the websites, but the inner data transmission without any records;

* Your satisfaction means a lot to us. If you have any questions, please contact our online customer service commissioner, we guarantee you professional answers.

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